Brandon Wulff CPP

Did you know I'm a Certified Professional Coach? As a Coach I'm here to guide you on your unique path through the business of crafting and quilting journey. Are you ready? Have you crafted lofty goals but haven't stitched the proper structure to support your way there this is the best place to start. in this program you will.

  • To gain clarity on your quit business goals.

  • To be held accountable to completing your quilt business goals.

  • To celebrate your wins along the way with other business crafters and quilters.

Course curriculum

    1. Thank You and Welcome!

    2. Quilt MM greeting

    1. Confidentiality

    2. Confidentiality

    1. Your Commitment

    2. Commitment

    3. Coaching is Quizz

    4. Video Quiz

    1. Brainstorming

    2. What If?

    3. What if Quizz

    1. Goals

    2. What are your Goals?

    1. Accountability

    2. Accountable Survey

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  • 21 lessons
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